Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

Not dead yet

Ohh god, it's still alive...
I have to update my blog more often but it seems like I'm searching for excuses to avoid it... such as "ohh this is not finished" and "ohh no there's still something odd".
This is sad because I wanted THIS to be a sketchblog, where I don't have to worry about such things... and... just post :C
So before I start with this again I'll update this shit here.

A moray from a dream; a spy and a spy; my so original Left 4 Dead OC Andy with a lot of character behind those cold, empty eyes and (I tried and I failed, but it was so much fun) some sketches... mainly Nick, Ellis and maskless spies~

I think click to enlarge... first time I use the image upload here on blogspot and not photobucket... why.

Dienstag, 24. November 2009


update update update y_____y!
not much happened, kinda busy, there you go.

a fury without color and anger:

the fear:

the fury (au :'C):

mantis and a younger self of him, want to draw a comic about his past some day..... maybe:

and schlonz-spy. 10 min i guess :/

au revoir~

Dienstag, 10. November 2009


something disgusting:

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i love uzumaki Q_Q

a gasmask:

and ilya aka young mantis:

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Schöpfung Digital

i took part in a game development workshop and man... it was so great.
there were 4 groups: level design, programming, graphic design and the sound department~
and the main task was to develop a christmas game ;_; with a heavy metal santa claus who carries a bazooka ;___;
i was among the graphic designers and we had to create the enemies *___* FUN!

here is a model of my walking elf

we hadn't that much time y__y 2 days to be exact so it's not much but i'm kinda proud of it~ especially because it was the first time i've worked with a group of people on a project like that and i am still stunned that it went so well : D!

i hope that the game'll go online in a few days so i can post the link here~

our 4 workshopleaders: level design, programming, sound and graphic design~

they were so awesome :'/
thanks, it was great!

Freitag, 6. November 2009


my first blog and my first post Q__Q!
i hope i don't mess stuff up...

so welcome to my sketchblog : D!
ahh and here we go~ some stuff to practice the wonderful way to post pictures

here, have some snails:

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and i started to play infamous. so. awesome.
ugly speedpaint is ugly, 0,000034 nanosecs!

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